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Available in Fastroller and Aluminium
ZODIAC™ technology designed the patented FUTURA hull. It is formed from a large-diameter keel plus two perfectly proportioned cushioning buoyancy tubes placed under the base of the boat. When underway, the hull rests solely on the cushioning tubes – reducing drag and increasing lift – providing outstandingly easy handling and extreme thrills!
Accessories plus an adjustable steering position (all possible to assemble and dismantle without tools) combined with the ability to plane even when heavily laden, make this a craft that is equally comfortable for crew and passengers.


  • H2P inflatable floor
  • Inflatable hull
  • Futura hull with 2 removable cushioning buoyancy tubes
  • Aluminum motor mounting plate
  • 2 bailers

Buoyancy tube

  • Strongan™ Duotex™ 2 x 1100 decitex fabric
  • Polyester bow roller
  • Easy Push valves
  • Polyamide lacing cuff + safety grab lines
  • Wide anti-chafing deflector strip
  • 1 Bow handle
  • 2 interior handles
  • 4 carrying handles
  • 2 stainless steel tow rings
  • Cone reinforcers


  • PVC thermobonded

Standard Equipment

  • Removable bow bag
  • Fittings for launching wheels
  • 2 multi-pocket carrying bags
  • 2 paddles
  • Foot pump
  • 1 pressure gauge
  • Repair kit
  • Owner’s manual
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