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MacDougalls’ Cape Cod Marine Service COVID-19 Statements

MacDougalls’ Cape Cod Marine Service Operating Ground Rules for Spring 2020

As we enter the 2020 Recreational Boating Season on Cape Cod we are facing a lot of uncertainties about operating safely with the Coronavirus lurking all around us.  Our primary concern is the safety of our employees and customers as we navigate our way forward.  The Massachusetts Government has released a Memorandum on Boating and Various Other Marine and Inland Waterway Related Activities; we urge all of our customers to be familiar with these guidelines.
We are operating at a reduced staffing level to maintain a safe environment for our employees.  Our concentration is on the commissioning of our customers’ boats.  With the Facility closure for 3 weeks in March and April, reduction in current staffing  and adhering to the government advisories we are behind on our commitments this year and we ask for your patience and understanding.  MacDougalls’ is here to support the boating season with the following near term restrictions:

  • The Landing, Ships Store, Front Lobby, all Shops, Sheds and Dockhouse are closed

Seasonal Dockage:

  • The docks are open to our customers only.
  • All boats arriving for seasonal dockage must call ahead to inform us of your arrival date

Boat Valet:

  • Boat Valet will commence on 4 May 2020, weekdays only
  • Notification must be received by CoB Thursday for launch by CoB Friday; this notification is through our normal process utilizing the Speedy Dock portal.
  • Boat valet launch / haul services during the week maybe restricted as we continue with our commissioning work
  • Extended stays on the dock maybe possible for a limited time if cannot commit to haul right away.

Fuel Dock and Pump out availability:

  • Weekdays 8am -4pm by appointment, please call 508-548-3146

Outside Vendors, Brokers and Service providers:

  • Contact receptionist, schedule appointment.  May be required to sign a Medical Affidavit
  • Access restricted to outside boats
  • Access to boats stored inside at this time is off limits.  Arrangements can be made to move boats outside, will depend on availability of personnel and there may be corresponding charges associated with moving other boats, blocking, etc.

Thank you for your understanding, for any questions or service requests please email your Customer Service Representative.

For more information from the State of Massachusetts:

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