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In any business time is money. So how much money is wasted time costing you? And how much can added efficiency contribute to your bottom line?

An independent study recently took a look at MyTaskit Pro in action. The goal of the study was to accurately measure how the Coordination module impacted workplace efficiency, and also how this translates to realized savings.

The study, conducted by Marine Business Advisors, took place in late 2016 at MacDougalls’ Cape Cod Marine Services, a full-service repair yard, marina and winter storage facility. MacDougalls’ deployed the Coordination module across their operation, allowing management, service and account teams to use the software to help them better manage day-to-day work coordination.

After just one month of using the software, here’s just a small sample of what the study found:

  • Dramatically improved billing cycles
  • Improved cash flow and operational efficiencies
  • Reduced time spent on internal communications
  • 50% reduction of unauthorized overtime
  • To see the rest of the ROI metrics and results, download the full study
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