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Recent Project: Double Diamond Live Well

Recently, renovations were done to a 59′ Viking sportfish named Double Diamond. The MacDougalls’ team designed and fabricated a new live well for this extraordinary sportfish as well as a completely re-designed lighting system. The live well has a capacity of over 120 gallons. This monster was custom fabricated to compliment the factory Viking lines. It was completely hand built with the fiberglass mold made in house with custom adjustable water flow controls. The cockpit was painted to match the factory finish, and blue and green Rigid Industries live well lights were installed. To compliment the new live well, additional deck hatches were fabricated and installed to allow for better access for service items. Also, over a dozen rod holders were equipped. The lighting system was a major contribution to this already spectacular boat. A brand new Rigid Industries RDS 54” spot light was added with 2 Rigid Industries M20’ flood lights on either side. Night time won’t seem so dark with these blaring. 16 Lumitec Rail2 tri-color lights and 10 Lumitec shadow quad color hardtop lights were also added to make Double Diamond stand out from the pack. This diamond is definitely any guys’ best friend.

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